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"We listened enraptured while concertmaster Glenn Basham performed as soloist in Tchaikovsky’s “Violin Concerto in D Major.” - Ben Bova,, Dec 4, 2010

"Glenn Basham’s solos were shaped with aristocratic elegance." - Lawrence Budmen, South Florida Classical Review, September 13, 2010

"Violinist Glenn Basham performs his solo role with consummate musicianship." - Merlin Patterson, Fanfare Magazine, review of recent Naxos CD release, "Wolf Rounds", June 2010

"Basham proved he had fingering agile enough to burn through the Jean-Marie LeClair Concerto in E minor, with its heartbeat switches from single- to double-stopping and stratospheric note play in the Largo. It’s a virtuoso’s work with a professional approach, exciting enough we’d like to hear it again." - Harriet Howard Heithaus,, September 15, 2009

"A magnificent solo by concertmaster Glenn Basham..." - The Music Gourmet, Fort Meyers Florida Weekly, May 6, 2009

"Basham...not only brought his usual full bag of technical skills to the performance but also his honeyed tone and a rich palette of color" - Naples Daily News, 2008

"Glenn Basham was front and center for a magnificent performance of the theme from Schindler's List " - Naples Daily News, 2008

"Glenn Basham was a superb soloist, playing with an apt steely astringency in the ostinato-led opening movement and bringing measured warmth to the lyrical second part (of Dautherty's Ladder to the Moon)." - Miami Herald, October 2007

" the time he seamlessly returned to the last notes of the original cadenza everyone was on their feet screaming." - Drew McManus on the orchestra business, April 2007

"... authoritative" - Palm Beach Daily News, March 2005

"...engaging, enlightening and inspiring...consummate musicianship." - Naples Daily News, 2004

"Basham played Stravinsky with his usual aristocratic poise, always alert to the inner textures and assertive pulse of the music... sounded vital and free" - Naples Daily News, Nov 2004

"...consummate musicianship." -, Nov 2004

"...charmed audience with a stellar performance of Jean-Marie Leclair's violin duet" - Marco News, Sept 2004

"...Khachaturian's 'Nocturne' movement was especially haunting and lush..." - Naples Daily News, May 2004

" problem holding the interest of his audience...well thought out and sensitively crafted crafted performance." - Huntington, Oct 1988

"...'brilliant' in Bruch concerto...delicate and beautiful," - Plymouth Observer, Nov 1988

"...beautiful sound...enthusiastic concertmaster...has the respect of everyone in the orchestra" - Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Jan 1988

"...sparkling technique and a lovely tone...refined and studied....a fine musician. " - Lansing State Journal, Feb 1987

"...lovely violin tone...nice feel for the violin." - Palm Beach Post, Feb 1977

"...wonderfully soulful playing...luscious tone quality, real personality." - Detroit Free Press

"...powerful, brilliant violin playing." - Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung

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